【#ChinaNight】年夜饭之—给奶奶做一碗长寿面 Chinese “long-life” noodle recipe for New Year’s Eve

In China, there’s a specific kind of long noodle, which is one of the main delicacy for the Chinese New Year dinner. The noodles are long, and so it is considered that eating it will add years to your life, and hence its name “long-life” noodles.

Yang Beichuan is a local Beijinger, and this New Year he is cooking the dish for his grandmother. Yang, who is a chef, was living abroad for 11 years, and this is the first time in more than a decade that he would be celebrating the Spring Festival with his grandmother. The dish will also be a gift to his grandmother who celebrates her birthday on New Year’s Eve. His only wish is that they would have more time to spend together.

Yang studied to cook Western cuisines in Canada and his grandma loves spicy food, he didn’t want to cook the noodle in a traditional way. Instead, he wants to give it a twist — the XO Sauce Ramp Pasta will spice up the platter. And here’s how you can make this dish.

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