【V观】The media get closer to China’s officials

During this year’s Two Sessions, journalists have looked to catch exclusive interviews with ministers just before they enter the Great Hall of the People. While the steps of the Great Hall are not a formal place for a press conference, the walk up to the seat of China’s Two Sessions has become a great location to pose questions to officials before they take part in the day’s meetings.
Zhao Qian is a journalist from Chengdu Commercial Daily, and has gained fame for stopping at least ten ministers a day. She was one of the first to persuade ministers to hold extended interviews outside the Great Hall in 2013. Ministers and journalists holding interviews before meetings begin is now a common occurrence, with officials now delighted to speak with journalists rather than having to be effectively stopped and grabbed to answer questions. With ministers now at greater ease during such interviews, the responses they give to journalists’ questions have given the media greater insight into the Two Sessions.

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