10 U.S. boats arrive in Havana for friendly regatta

Ten American boats crossed the Strait of Florida and arrived on the north coast of Havana on April 9, for the latest friendly regatta between the two countries just 90 miles apart.

(Soundbite) John Proctor, U.S. Sailor
“It is a wonderful opportunity for all American sailors to participate in this to form good friendship and a greater cultural exchange. I hope we can do this again.”

Cuba had been a prohibited destination for American competitors since 1961. Now, with the restoration of diplomatic relations between Washington and Havana, such activities begin to pick up.

(Soundbite) John Huber, U.S. Sailor
“I think it is an excellent first step to start bringing people closer together and I know most of the people in the United States welcome it.”

According to the organizers, an increasing number of U.S. yacht and sail clubs have expressed interest in joining recreational matches with their Cuban counterparts.

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