118-year-old steel rail found in N. China

A steel rail made 118 years ago has been found in north China’s Tangshan city.

The 1.5-meter-long rail bar was discovered near the Tangshan Nan railway station, the starting point of China’s fist standard-gauge railway.

Previously, several steel rails made in the early 20th century have also been found near the station, which was the longest-running railway station in China.

SOUNDBITE: (CHINESE) XIN BAOZHONG, Railway history researcher
“Tangshan Nan Station could be seen as China’s first railway station. The discovery of this rail bar is very significant for research on China’s railway history.”

The 118-year-old steel rail was part of the railway linking Tangshan with Xugezhuang, China’s first standard-gauge rail line built in the 1880s.

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