13 boats capsized after Chongqing landslide

At least one person died and five others were injured after 13 small boats capsized and sank due to large waves caused by a landslide near Daning River in Chongqing on Wednesday.

Authorities have implemented a traffic control process near the hazard-threatened area, to prevent further injuries.

The landslide caused a massive monolith to plunge into the river, forming 5 to 6-meter-high swells and causing 14 patrol boats docked at the Daning riverbank to sink.

Reports indicate that seven small fishing boats capsized because of the waves along with five civil vessels. Doctors say one of the five injured is in critical condition. The dock is damaged to varying degrees.

Currently, Wushan County has launched an emergency evacuation of the landslide area and moved out 196 people, with more rescue operations on the way.

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