19th China-US human rights dialogue


China and the United States held talks in Washington last week aimed at reaching an understanding on the human rights situations in both countries.

Topics on the agenda included freedom of speech and religious freedom during the 19th Human Rights Dialogue.

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Dozens of senior officials from a number of government bureaus, including law enforcement departments attended the dialogue, which aimed to help enhance mutual understanding on each other’s human rights issues.

The dialogue was co-hosted by Li Junhua, China’s director-general of International Organizations and Conference and Tom Malinowski, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human rights and Labor.

During the talks, China initiated discussions on the human rights problems in the U.S., including racial discrimination, excessive use of force by police, and the violation of the human rights of other countries through massive surveillance activities.

The Chinese delegation stressed that each country should choose its own path of human rights development according to it own situation and its own people’s needs, and the path should not be imposed by other countries.

Both sides agreed that a comprehensive and objective view on each other’s human rights situation and a commitment to handling their differences in a constructive way through dialogues and cooperation, would contribute towards a closer relationship between the two countries.

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