2 killed in Tel Aviv shooting, Arab Israeli blamed as suspect

Israeli police say a suspect, who is from northern Israel and in his mid-20s, opened fire at a bar in central Tel Aviv, killing two people and injuring six.

The attacker managed to flee the scene before massive police forces started a manhunt both in the Tel Aviv area and in northern Israel.

After footage of the suspect shopping at a nearby store surfaced in Israeli media, his father called the police saying he recognized his son as the attacker.

Police believe the Arab Israeli suspect used a gun he took from his father, who works as a security personnel, in order to carry out the attack.

Israeli media speculate that the attack might be influenced by the Islamic State terror group, or related to the ongoing violence between Israelis and Palestinians.

Arab Israelis are Palestinians who stayed in Israel after the 1948 war and became citizens of the country, constituting 20 percent of the population.

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