20-car pileup on a highway section, 2 people killed

At least two people died and dozens were injured after vehicles piled up together on a highway section in east China’s Jiangsu province on Saturday.

The accident happened on Saturday at the Changzhou section of the highway linking Shanghai and Nanjing. It caught public eye as people began posting photos and videos in Chinese social media WeChat and Weibo. Images showed dozens of trucks, buses and cars crashed into each other in eccentric positions. People were standing on top of the vehicles.

A traffic police officer with the Changzhou city told Xinhua at least two people died and they were still counting injuries. At least two trucks, three buses and 20 cars were involved.

It rained and roads were slippery, he said.

Saturday was the first day of a three-day national holiday marking the Tomb-Sweeping Day.

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