27 dead after truck tragedy in Mexico

Authorities have confirmed 27 people died on July 30, after a truck seemingly lost control and moved into a religious procession on July 29 on Mazapil Town’s main road in Mexico’s northern-central state of Zacatecas.

(Soundbite) Raul Estrada , Director of Health Services of Zacatecas
“We have 27 people dead so far and 12 people were hospitalized in a very serious condition. We are fighting for their lives.”

Over 100 people were injured in the accident and the subsequent stampede and trampling that followed.

Some 200 pilgrims were taking part in a pilgrimage to the San Gregorio Magno Church in Mazapil, which started on July 26 and is part of a celebration for the patron saint.

(Soundbite) Mercedes Juan Lopez, Federal Secretary of Health
“We are very concerned about the dead, but right now we are concerned about people who are injured. We will make an assessment both here and with the social security units.”

The dump truck’s driver fled after the tragedy. Investigations at the scene of the accident is ongoing.

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