2nd Confucius institute in Ghana

The Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Coast was initiated in partnership with the Hunan City University to promote Chinese language teaching and culture in Ghana.

James Annan, a final-year student at the university, has expressed delight in learning the Chinese language as a selective subject and hopes to become an ambassador to spread the language to people in the region.

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): JAME ANNAN, Student at University of Cape Coast
“After I complete my Bachelor degree, I will come and register as a new student so that I can take the full Chinese course because of the focus that I have in the Chinese language.”

Until the Institute was established, students at the university studied the Chinese language as a selective course to broaden their general knowledge and experience.

Now, new students have been admitted to undertake a Bachelor of Arts course in Chinese with a full four-year course starting in the new academic year in August.

Another student, Calvin Osei Tenkorang, believes China is becoming a world power and being able to communicate with someone with the language would present opportunities to graduates in the future.

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): CALVIN OSEI TENKORANG, Student at University of Cape Coast
“I like interesting communication with someone. So it could be nice that someone would speak and you could understand. You can serve as a bridge between China and Ghana as the ambassador once said and I like communicating with others.”

Godwin Yaw Deegbe, who initially did not like the idea of studying Chinese, said he got hooked after his first lecture and immediately developed the passion to continue with it.

SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): GODWIN YAW DEEGBE, Student at University of Cape Coast
“So now I have decided to make the Chinese language a part of me. So I am going to keep on studying the Chinese language and make sure that I really get to know what it is really all about.”

The university’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Domwini Dabire Kuupole, says the Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Coast is a positive addition to their stock and an enriching overture in a congenial dialogue among cultures.

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