2nd Int’l conference of King Tutankhamen

The first activities of the second International Conference on Tutankhamun at Grand Egyptian Museum started on Friday.

The 3-day conference attracted a large number of Egyptologists from various countries all over the world.

According to Minister of Antiquities Dr. Khaled El-Anani, the conference which is being held for the second year is a great opportunity for exchanging different views on one of the most important kings of ancient Egypt.

The Minister added that it is scheduled to host the activities of the conference during the first two days at the visitors temporary center of the Grand Museum, and to conclude the activities on the third day at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat.

KHALED EL-ANANY, Egypt’s minister of Antiquities
“Building on the success of last year’s conference, I’m glad to see again high-profile international and Egyptian scholars participating this international forum about Tutankhamen to discuss challenge of conservation, restoration and transportation, but also to follow and to be acquainted with the most recent researches about king Tutankhamen’s treasure, and the radar scans held in his tomb during the last few months. This gathering is a golden chance to exchange scientific opinions about every aspect about Tutankhamen.”

Prof. Khaled El-Anany promised that he will reveal the mystery of the tomb of king Tutankhamen at the third day of the conference, as he will also reveal if there is another tomb behind the king’s tomb or not.

Some of the international and Egyptian scholars gave scientific lectures about the discovery and restoration of King Tutankhamen with digital tools and digital presentations.

The German restorer professor Christian Eckmann said there will be cooperation between the Egyptian side and the German side in current project of restoring and conserving the jewelries and tools of King Tutankhamen.

CHRISTIAN ECKMANN, German restorer
“We have in the restoration field another cooperation project at the Egyptian Museum, working on gouaches from the tomb of Tutankhamen, and this is our current project we are working on, those pieces are formally have been attached to the charts, and they’ve been stored in the museum for a long time and now we’re doing the conservation and nature scientific and analysis of those pieces.”

A number of scientific lectures will be delivered about King Tutankhamen’s costumes and jewellery, and a review and discussion will take place on the latest results of the recent radar scan survey carried out on his tomb.

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