30 young Peruvians win scholarship to further study in China

With powerful brushes out of years of practice, 22-year-old Celeste Perez drew a masculine rooster in traditional painting style of China on a rice paper for the ceremony on August 20 in Lima, where she and other 29 young Peruvians were awarded with scholarship by the Chinese government to pursue their studies in China.

(Soundbite) Celeste Perez, Peruvian Student of Chinese Language
“In the beginning it was how to hold the brush. The brush does not cling like normal. You have to grab them vertically. So, if you do not hold your hand steady, you mess it up. You have to be calm and breathe normally. That’s the hardest part.”

Perez, with her Chinese name Bai Ling, used to be a student of Chinese language at the Confucius Institutes in Peru. She will continue her majority in China with the help of the scholarship, which is dedicated to enhance bilateral exchange and relations.

(Soundbite) Charles Torres, Peruvian Dentist
“I think that Chinese is an important language. Any profession can relate very well with China. China opens many doors in the fields of research and business. Dentistry is also included. We can do further research in China or open trade, business and dental cooperation between China and Peru, because we go hand in hand. ”

Torres, a 25-year-old dentist, flashed his skills of cucurbit flute playing, a very popular national musical genre in China, for his scholarship fellows and Chinese Ambassador Jia Guide, who expected their upcoming days in China to blossom and be unforgettable.

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