300 Huawei Y6 smartphones sold for 1 Argentinean peso each in Buenos Aires

Fans accumulated into a crowd in front of the shop on September 29 in Buenos Aires.

One Argentinean peso for a smartphone produced by China’s telecommunication giant Huawei – the symbolic price just explained all the craze and heat for this promotion campaign.

(Soundbite, Spanish) Rodrigo Boero, Marketing Director of Huawei Argentina
“In just one day some 300 fans are allowed to buy the Huawei phone. They have to pre-register on our website, before having access to the Huawei Y6 which is our high-end smart phone.”

When they had the new phone in hand, they knew that lining up all night freezingly cold was just worthwhile.

(Soundbite, Spanish) Nicolas Alganaraz, Registrant No. 1
“(The waiting) was really tough, sleeping on the floor, with nothing but a carpet. It was very, very cold last night. We must thank the rain that has just arrived. It was not that terrible.”

Only 300 units were shelved for sale during the marketing drama for Huawei Y6, which stood out among its peers with a camera of 8 mega-pixel for sharper pictures as well as an integrated audio system to play high-quality music.

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