360 degree experience of the water town of Wuzhen

The ancient water town of Wuzhen, in Zhejiang Province, has been in the spotlight recently, with world leaders having gathered for the Second World Internet Conference in mid-December. This video shows the network of canals that run through the old town. The canals can be viewed as a metaphor for the information superhighway. Just as the Internet now is the means by which modern commerce is done, a hundred years ago these canals where the highways by which all goods and information were transported. Enjoy the leisurely boat ride in this video and realize you are traveling down history. (One additional note: You might see the birds on the boat; these were traditionally used by fishermen to catch fish dating back to the Sui Dynasty over 1000 years ago. The cormorant birds will dive into the water and bring the fish back up to the surface, giving them to the boatman).

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