5,000-year-old mud city in Peru inspires modern urban design and regulation

The remains of the Caral City in province of Barranca, just 185 kilometers north of the capital of Peru, stood to showcase the mystery and power of the Inca civilization 5,000 years ago.

On the second week of November, it inspired international architects convening in Lima to explore its consistent use of human resources and natural conditions, which could be incorporated into modern city design and management.

According to archaeological discovery, Caral residents used to take advantage of the altitude and cosmic patterns of time and weather to keep their place neat and tidy, and even earthquake-resistant.

Out of their religious worship and grasp of nature’s rules, the Caral people built their houses on strategic locations with stone, mud and plant tissues, while leading a cohesive life upon fishing and growing.

In Caral the mud city, architects from around the world still expected to discern and draw on many more ancient experiences in order to build durable and safer cities for people nowadays.

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