600 years of Chinese bloodline in Kenya

According to legends,a team of Chinese sailors survived a shipwreck in the Indian Ocean waters and settled in Lamu Island.

Historians contend the sailors were part of a fleet sent by the legendary Chinese navigator Zheng He.

Six centuries later, the descendants of these Chinese sailors are visible in Lamu where China’s ancient Maritime Silk road terminates. In Siyu village,archeologists have discovered artifacts like porcelain and coins that were symbols of the Ming dynasty.

Mwamaka and her family are among the ones who are living testimony of the earliest contacts between Kenya and China.

It was in 2002 that a team of distinguished Kenyan and Chinese researchers carried a DNA analysis on Mwamaka’s 63-year-old mother and discovered that she has Chinese genetics.

Soon afterwards,the Chinese government offered Mwamaka a scholarship to study Chinese traditional medicine in China.

Kenyan and Chinese archeologists have been tracing evidence of ancient contacts in the Kenyan coast .They hope to find the the shipwreck to help unearth all artifacts symbolizing ancient cultural and trade ties.

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