66-year-old handicapped man wins rock climbing challenge

A 66-year-old Chinese man, Xia Boyu, shocked judges on CCTV1’s show “Challenge the Impossible” earlier this week, climbing a 20-meter-high wall. The Beijing native accomplished this feat, despite being handicapped.

In his youth, Xia was a member of the Chinese Mountaineering Team. However, at the age of 25, during an expedition on Mount Qomolangma, he offered his sleeping bag to his teammate, while they were at a height of 8600 meters. Uncovered, it so happened that his legs froze and he had to have them amputated.

After a long period of struggling to cope with the grief of the incident, Xia eventually gathered himself and decided that he would return to climbing and began a daily working out routine.

Now at the age of 66, he hopes that he can once again return to Mount Qomolangma and reach the summit.

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