80-meter-long sandwich gets made for charity in Buenos Aires

The 80-meter-long sandwich gets made in Buenos Aires on May 22 as charity for the Down Syndrome Association of Argentina (ASDRA).

It will be sliced into 4,000 sandwichces and sold to the public.

(Soundbite) Diego Davila, Master Pizza Maker
“The sandwich is the second typical dish of Argentina. The Spaniards brought their recipe to Argentina and we gave our mark with our own ingredients. There are pizza chefs with almost 100 students collaborating to make the sandwich 80 meters long.”

Through the charity, the chefs try to realize their personal dream of making the largest sandwich in Argentina.

It has taken four hours to finish the sandwich, out of 350 kilograms of flour, 120 kilograms of cheese and 30 kilograms of ham.

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