96% of Metro Line 4 finished in preparation for Olympics in Rio

Metro Line 4 in Rio de Janeiro is 96 percent complete during the first week in June in preparation for the Olympic Games opening on August 5.

(Soundbite) RODRIGO VIEIRA, Transport Secretary of Rio State
“It will open on August 1, while the priority is attached the Olympic events. After the Games are over, it will mainly serve the residents of the State of Rio de Janeiro.”

This line connects the urban parts of Rio with Barra da Tijuca, the so-called Olympic axis, with all its trains made in China.

(Soundbite) RODRIGO VIEIRA, Transport Secretary of Rio State
“We made a series of acquisitions of new corridors, which serve the high-performance ring as part of the whole Rio Metro to facilitate the Olympic Games.”

The line will be able to transport more than 300,000 people a day, with six stations and extending 16 kilometers long.

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