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A Channel NewsAsia first, the documentary titled ‘A Nuclear Affair’ filmed primarily in Indonesia, explores the pro and anti-nuclear views on nuclear energy. Indonesia along with Vietnam are on course to becoming Southeast Asia’s first to commission nuclear power plants. But in a Post Fukushima World coupled with the very fact that Indonesia sits precisely on the “Ring of Fire,” is ASEAN ready for a nuclear neighbor?

Is Nuclear Power the answer to Climate Change? As Southeast Asian nations make plans to embrace the next generation of nuclear power plants, will this become a credible path to climate stabilization. The World Nuclear Association says Nuclear energy is a vital component of a clean energy strategy and the Nuclear industry stands ready to help tackle climate change. Greenpeace says Nuclear is not the answer. These voices along with eight others, are the key commentators who argue passionately and intellectually why Indonesia should or shouldn’t pursue the nuclear power dream. With new developments to handling nuclear waste underground, is nuclear a clean form of energy?

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