Abandoned electronics become unique jewelry pieces

In Argentina, one man is recycling old computers and cellphones to create a new form of handcrafted jewelry. His name is Hernan Bressan, who has named his initiative, “Electron Memories”, with all products built in a fully ecological way.
According to Bressan, the idea came from his need to re-invent himself as an artist. However, he also saw an opportunity to give a new lease of life to old machines which were cast aside, without thought as to whether they could still serve.
(SOUNDBITE, Spanish) – Hernan Bressan, businessman and artist
“The concept is so that when somebody sees an abandoned piece of electronics, they can see a chance to reuse it in a useful way. Even though the machine no longer works, it can be a work of art.”
Bressan can make rings from small rings, bracelets with old CDs and even earrings with old phone chargers.
However, his main sources of supplies are often the street and electronic repair shops, which throw away a large variety of parts. As neighbors and acquaintances heard of the initiative, Bressan also began receiving donations.
‘ElectronMemories’ currently has three different collections of jewelry and accessories such as rings, necklaces, earrings and key chains.

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