Action packed period drama of China fascinates Costa Ricans

The actions performed by the Wu Opera Troupe from China’s Zhejiang Province dazzled the Costa Rican audience, but turned out to be a sheer feast for their eyes.

(Soundbite) SONIA MARTA MORA, Minister of Education of Costa Rica
“It is a refined show, a great, splendid and sophisticated one that requires hard work and a lot of training.”

With a history of 400 years and as the second major local theatrical genre in Zhejiang Province, the Wu Opera was introduced to Costa Ricans at the National Theater in San Jose on January 22 by the Chinese Embassy to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival falling on February 8.

(Soundbite) ALBERTO SALOM, Rector University of Costa Rica
“It is a wonderful show, very different from anything of ours. It is an expression of an ancient culture, with young people showing impressive flexibility and displaying extraordinary talents.”

A rich repertoire encompassing martial arts, acrobatic prowess, colorful costumes and ethnic music left the audience an unforgettable night.

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