Action-packed regional opera of China fascinates Peruvians

The Monkey King rotated his golden club by hands, dazzling the Peruvian audience in Lima on January 27.
This was part of the celebration held by the Chinese Embassy to mark the lunar New Year of China, or the Year of Monkey starting from February 8.

(Soundbite) Magali Silva, Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism
“This is a wonderful spectacle that gives us the spirit of Chinese culture. It fills us with joy and hope. When the music is on, there are no borders anymore.”

The show featured the Wu Opera, which has a history of 400 years as the second major local theatrical genre in China’s Zhejiang Province.

Soundbite (Spanish) Rosemary Duenas guest
“I really can’t name one in particular, because each has its charm. They start the show with the dragon dance. The dragon has a long history and symbolizes the ethos of Chinese people.”

Chinese Ambassador Jia Guide hosted the show, with the presence of Peruvian government ministers and other dignitaries.

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