Aerial filming and Hollywood breath-taking views

In motion pictures, breath-taking views from the air are always used as commanding scenes.
Aerial cinetography is an essential option to depict locations, timelines and topographies in a feature story.
[Soundbite] Aaron Fitzgerald, Pilot at Angel City
“So as you’re creating these beautiful shots, you’ re also exploring the limited of what the helicopter would do in certain situations. Often times the big scary looking stuns aren’ t dangerous, but the ones that look safe and beautiful are sometimes fraught with peril.”
Preparation for an aerial outing is painstaking. Apart from filming equipment, it also extends into ensuring safe environs for the filming helicopter.
Pilots need to calculate flying speed, direction, sequence and many other factors.
Nowadays, the use of GPS, improvement of stabilized equipments and camera upgrades all add up to helicopters’ maneuverability in filming, and enable copters to better parallel unmanned drone filming.
[Soundbite] Aaron Fitzgerald, Pilot at Angel City
“If you need work really close to the objects you are flying through door frames, or into a hanger, out of a hanger, through a tunnel things like that, then drone is the prefect answer. If you need high speed, high altitude aerial, you need to carry big heavy camera systems, the helicopter is the best answer.”

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