Africa becomes “mobile phone continent” despite basic services remain weak: survey


A latest survey shows the provision of basic infrastructure in Africa still remains a challenge despite the progress registered over the past decade.


During the 2014-2015 period, the survey studied 35 African countries in the development of infrastructure for electricity, water, sewerage, roads, and cell phone services.

The regional comparisons showed North Africa with the best availability of all five services whereas Central Africa tied for first place in piped water and second in the other four services.

Burundi ranked last in the availability of electric grid in East Africa, whereas in the availability of piped water, Uganda ranked last in the region.

However, the region scored well in the availability of cell phones, with the least-ranked country, Burundi, scoring 94 percent, and the highest ranked country, Kenya, scoring 98 percent.

“Cell phone overall findings in this is very great you can imagine an average of 93 percent is very rare. This is one average that has really shoot out, I think Africa need to think how they can do with this cell phone services.”

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