AIDS boy stars a new life

The nine-year-old Sichuan boy Kunkun who was born with HIV/AIDS started a new life in the Red Ribbon School in Linfen, north China’s Shanxi Province.

For Kunkun, the life is a tragedy when he was expelled by all the people from the same village last year for his disease.

But now he is the lucky one.

He went to a special school named “Red ribbon school” in Linfen with his grandpa to receive free education and medical treatment.

After eight months later, Kunkun has made great progress in both of his body condition and studies.

The school, founded in 2006, helps more than 30 children born with HIV receive free education and medical treatment.

According to UNAIDS, HIV/AIDS is the second largest cause of death for adolescents globally and there are 26 new adolescent infections every hour.

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