Airbus completion facility under construction in Tianjin

Construction of an Airbus facility began in north China’s Tianjin on Wednesday.

The aviation giant’s A330 aircraft will be finished off here and delivered to clients.

It is the company’s first “completion and delivery center” for wide-body aircraft outside Europe.

After being assembled in Toulouse, France, some A330 planes will be delivered to Tianjin for cabin installation, painting and flight tests.

Tianjin already has an assembly line for Airbus A320 models. More than 260 aircraft have been delivered here since 2008.

More than 1,240 Airbus planes are currently in service in Chinese airlines and A330 is the most popular wide-body jet.

The company estimates the country will need 5,400 passenger aircraft with over 100 seats within the next 18 years.

About 24 percent of Airbus’ aircraft are sold to China every year. On Monday, Air China ordered 12 A330-300 aircraft from the company.

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