Amazing moments of China V-Day parade

Highlights of China’s V-Day military parade in the Tian’anmen Square of Beijing.
— It was the first Chinese military parade marking any anniversary of the war
and the first with foreign military participation.
— It was the first time that Xi Jinping had reviewed troops as the country’s
top leader and delivered a speech atop the Tian’anmen Rostrum.
— Twenty-three heads of state and government leaders, including Russian President
Vladimir Putin and Republic of Korea President Park Geun-hye, watched the military
— Former British prime minister Tony Blair and former German chancellor Gerhard
Schroeder were present.
— Attendees also included government representatives and heads of international
organizations, including United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
— More than 100 foreign VIPs or relatives of wartime heroes attended the event,
including relatives of Canadian doctor Norman Bethune, Japanese veterans who served
in the Eighth Route Army and veterans of the “Flying Tigers” of the United States.
— A total of 12,000 troops, 500 pieces of equipment, and nearly 200 aircraft
were shown.
— Nearly 1,000 foreign troops from 17 countries also participated, including
a 75-member formation dispatched by Russia.
— Ten foot formations of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) were named after
the most famous anti-Japanese army units. This was the first time that the PLA had
organized a parade in such a way.
— Veterans of both the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Kuomintang (KMT)
who fought the Japanese participated, the first time that veterans had joined a parade.
— It was also the first time that female guards of honor of the three services
of the PLA had taken part in a military parade.
— More than 50 generals led foot formations and armament formations, or flew
the leader aircraft in the air echelons.
— The PLA arranged its armament in formations based on their actual combat roles
for the first time.
— About 84 percent of armaments displayed in the parade had never been viewed
by the public previously.
— The Army, Navy, Air Force, Second Artillery Force and Armed Police all debuted
their new armament, which range from intercontinental ballistic missiles to medium-long
range bombers. All of the main-battle armament are made in China.
— Some 40,000 people were present in Tian’anmen Square, which could be the largest
live audience to watch any parade in China.

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