Another boy rescued after getting head stuck in bars of a window

Many rescue workers have reminded parents not to let their children out of their sights, even for three minutes! However, it seems some parents need further reminders, after a spate of recent incidents in China that have seen young naughty boys getting their heads stuck in unusual places. We previously reported on children who had somehow got their heads lodged in water pipes, jammed in-between narrow walls and now trapped between the bars of a window. In this latest incident, a boy somehow got his head stuck between the bars of a second-floor window, leaving him hanging outside in the city of Handan, Hebei Province.

This video shot by passersby shows the boy struggling to climb up and free himself from the bars. A kind passerby then climbed up to the second floor to support the child’s body. Another passerby got a ladder and pushed the boy free from the bars. It only took three minutes from the accident happening to the boy being rescued. Take a look at the dramatic rescue!

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