Arab league chief on Xi’s middle east tour “China always supports Arab rights”

Chinese President Xi Jinping has left Beijing to pay state visits to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran.

Nabil al-Araby, Secretary-General of Arab League says, Xi’s visit to the Middle East region is “a very important event” and China’s relations with the Arab countries are “ideal”.

President Xi Jinping is paying a five-day visit to the Middle East region.

Prior to the trip, the chief of Arab League speaks highly of the visit, saying China’s relations with Arab countries are “ideal”.

“China is the only big state in the world that always supports the Arab rights and causes because they are fair and rightful. China also strongly supports the Palestinian cause. China has a great influence on the balance in international relations. China’s relations with the Arab states are ideal. For the Arab League, the visit of the Chinese president is a very important event.”

Al-Araby says both sides will sign MoUs on cooperation in many fields, including atomic energy and satellite navigation.

He hails President Xi’s Belt and Road initiative and says the revival of the ancient Silk Road would open greater horizons for further trade and economic cooperation between the two sides.

“We should not forget the anticipated Arab participation in the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by the Chinese leader in 2014. Through the Silk Road that existed long years ago, China had a link with the Arab world. China now renews this link via different modern means. In the past, Arab and Chinese merchants interacted and learned about each other’s civilizations. Now, China gives much technical and technological expertise to the Arab states.”

During President Xi’s visit, he’s expected to exchange views extensively with leaders in the region to advance peace and stability.

Araby says that China can play “an important role” in promoting peace and development in the restive Middle East region.

“China can play an important role in the Middle East region. I believe that China, with its weight, influence, capabilities and as a permanent member of the Security Council, can positively contribute to resolving a lot of political issues on the table. China works from a friendly prospective without having any personal interests it seeks to achieve. China does not side with any party over another, but it always seeks the common good.”

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