Are China’s vans unsafe? Toddlers fall from moving van

Two videos have recently become viral in China’ s social media – both involve toddlers falling from the back of moving van.

In one video, a girl was rescued by passengers in the following car, and in the other, a child that fell from a van was run over by a car that failed to stop in time, but luckily he’ s said to have survived with minor injuries.

The two incidents occurred less than one month apart. And many are asking, why is the trunk of the van so easily opened?

“It’ s impossible for the trunk of the van to open on its own. It won’ t open on its own once it’ s properly locked.”

SOUNDBITE: LIU YUN, Minjie Auto Repair Shop, Yunnan Province
“As far as I know, it could be that the driver didn’ t lock the trunk properly, so the child would fall out of it. Or it could be the child unlocked the trunk from inside.”

Liu says, there are usually two rows of seats in the back of the van, and it’ s unlikely that a child could climb over and unlock the trunk if the vehicle has not been modified.

SOUNDBITE: LIU YUN, Minjie Auto Repair Shop, Yunnan Province
“The van is a seven-seat vehicle. I guess they might have removed the seats in the back, and didn’ t install a panel to shield the lock. So the child could be playing there, and then fall out if he accidentally unlocks it.”

Liu suggests that parents take good care of their children in cars, or install safety seats in the vehicle to keep their kids safe.

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