Argentina fights worst flood in decades

Flying over the town of Concordia by helicopter on December 27, Argentine President Mauricio Macri could sense how his people were affected by the worst flood in the past half century.

(Soundbite) Mauricio Macri, Argentine President
“We want to be together in these difficult times. … They know that you are not alone. The nation will participate with most of the investment needed to build homes and take them out of this area of low level where flood ravages.”

Concordia, some 430 kilometers northeast of capital city Buenos Aires in the province of Entre Rios, was one of the hardest-hit cities in Argentina.

Torrential rains have claimed at least six lives in different areas, as trees were uprooted and power lines knocked down.

Meteorologists attributed the disaster to this year’s El Nino phenomenon, and warned that it would lead to extreme weathers in other countries of Latin America.

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