Argentina, relevant link in China’s foreign policy

In a packed Hipolito Yrigoyen hall within the Argentinean Parliament, China’s ambassador to Argentina, Yang Wanming discussed the new perspective of Sino-Argentinean ties, and recalled that “next year will be the 45th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic relations.

“The establishment of the comprehensive strategic partnership in 2014 marked a milestone for bilateral development. This strengthened political relations, with mutual support on special issues, such as the Taiwan issue for China and the Malvinas for Argentina.” he said.

“Argentina for us is a power in Latin America, and an important link in our foreign policy,” said Yang.

The newly appointed Argentine Ambassador to China, Diego Guelar, said that Argentine entrepreneurs would have to work hard to crack the Chinese market.

(Soundbite, Spanish) Diego Guelar, Argentine Ambassador to China
“The new conditions allow us to think about how to supply such a growing market as China. To do so, you have to study, you have to get highly involved in the sector involved. Furthermore, the Argentina Embassy in China and our four consulates will be available to all Argentines wanting to export to China. ”

The former ambassador of Argentina to the United States and Brazil will travel to China next month. He said he would go with the prospect of opening a new and very important stage of relations between Argentina and China and to strengthen the bilateral relationship, which he termed as already being part of the history of both nations.

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