Argentina’s 3-month-old giraffe misses deceased siste

Visitors played with the giraffe born three months ago at the Buenos Aires Zoo on January 26, helping him address the grief over the loss of his sister.

(Soundbite) Marcelo Hernandez, Environmental Educator
“We had the first birth of twin giraffes in Argentina, after Texas of the United States and China. We are one of the few countries where twin giraffes were born.”

The male was born by natural delivery after fifteen months of gestation, weighing 62 kilograms and measuring 1.75 meters long.

(Soundbite) Marcelo Hernandez, Environmental Educator
“Unfortunately, the female did not survive for underweight and not being fed by Mom. The caregivers made artificial feeding and other attempts, but unfortunately sometimes good animals do not survive.”

Now, the male has grown to 180 kilograms and stands 1.90 meters, perhaps still always missing his deceased sister.

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