Argentina’s King of Soy suggests wider range of co-op with China

Argentina’s agricultural group Los Grobo, currently valued at 700 million U.S. dollars, aims to replicate its industrialized plantation network in China and seek wider range of trade exchange.

(Soundbite) Gustavo Grobocopatel, President of Los Grobo
“I believe that Argentina needs to have a little more diversified trade with China and China can help it. By this, I mean that we can sell soybeans, but we also need to sell chicken, pork and dairy products (to China).”

Known as “King of Soy” in his country, Grobocopatel has vast plantations for peanuts, chickpeas, beans, sunflower seeds as well as green and yellow peas.

However, in recent years, his company has focused more on value-added products and services, while reducing the acreage of plantation.

He strongly suggested that the structure of Argentine agriculture should be export-oriented, with grain-processing plants on rivers and near ports.

(Soundbite) Gustavo Grobocopatel, President of Los Grobo
“Argentine companies need to install branches in China, Chinese companies set up bastions in Argentina, and we need joint ventures, which are shareholders representing the two countries.”

In his view, Argentina has much more to give the world in the future, such as food, tourism, technology, design, as well as industrial services based on creativity.

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