Argentina’s Pedro Damonte devoted to making stuffed animals

Pedro Damonte is an expert in preserving and mounting the animal skins in order to represent the natural appearance of the deceased animals.

This process of arranging the skins is called taxidermy. Taxidermy can be done on all vertebrate species of animals, including mammals, birds and fish.

Damonte’s workshop is situated in the town of Carlos Spegazzini, about 30 kilometers from Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires.

Damonte started taxidermy as a hobby in the 1970s, but later fostered a passionate love, and even devotion to the animals.

“The person who does what he likes can’t go wrong with anyone, if it is okay with himself.”

Due to his experience and skill, he was invited to teach at the Higher Institute of Taxidermy and Conservation (ISTC), the only institution that teaches this art-science in the region, with more than 13,000 alumni attending the sessions.

With Damonte’s help, the ISTC aims to train professionals in the field, in order to preserve the embalmed animals and let people know more about these nature inhabitants.

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