Argentine cutler makes knifes by hand for 25 years

Knife making is a noisy job, but Martin Onetto loves it and has upheld the occupation for 25 years.

(Soundbite) Martin Onetto, Artisan Cutler
“Here we have a knife getting done. Knife making involves many procedures, procedures of much hardness: steel, bronze, ebony and lignum vitae. Everything has to fit up into one.”

Concentration and meticulousness have made Onetto the most famous artisan cutler in Province Buenos Aires.

(Soundbite) Martin Onetto, Artisan Cutler
“When I pod, I put the appropriate knife, moisten and mold, so that the knife stays that way. First of all is protection and the knife does not fall out of its sheath.”

As Onetto judges from his workshop career, handicraft is perpetually something worth keeping.
This explains why Onetto can always have his hand full of orders, whether the economy is good or not.

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