Argentine doll repairer finds joy in rehabbing childhood obsession for clients

Polishing the head, removing the dirt and refitting all the body parts, Julio Roldan brings back life to the doll with nimble hands.

(Soundbite) July Roldan, Doll Repairer
“With the amount of dolls there, I enjoy my job all the day. I get a lot of work to do, always thanking God. Besides, you enter here to find a magical world. It is beautiful.”

Like a surgeon and with passion, Roldan inherited the trade from his father and has maintained the craft all his life, bringing happiness to doll lovers through recovering their childish affection.

(Soundbite) July Roldan, Doll Repairer
“My wrists remind me every day not to go to a psychologist, because every day I have different histories and different jobs deeply occupying my mind. All that I do, I do it with love and care. I do not need to go to a psychologist, for I love dolls.”

By running his doll restoration workshop in Buenos Aires, Roldan has earned a livelihood for his family, as well as lifelong joy for himself and all his clients.

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