Argentine encourages students to develop robot-making ability

Over a thousand students from 36 primary and middle schools in Argentina came to capital city Buenos Aires on Sept. 23 to exhibit the robotics they created, as part of a governmental campaign to popularize this after-school program.

(Soundbite) JAVIER CASTRILLO, Robotics Festival Coordinator
“In every place in our country, each school based on its own reality and initiative and in accordance with its own conditions makes a different kind of development program, which is shown here today.”

Within the program, the government has sponsored selected schools nationwide with technology and fund to carry out education about robotics, with an eye to strengthen the country’s competing ability in the field of artificial intelligence.

(Soundbite) FACUNDO ARANCIBIA, Robotics Festival Participant
“In our future project, we want to make prosthesis for human use. It is a robotic plate commanded by potentiometers.”

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