Argentine experts on South China Sea dispute

Argentine experts have said that the South China Sea dispute should be resolved through dialogue and consultation, and any unilateral appeal for a third-party arbitration will only complicate the issue.

The experts made the remarks following a hearing in early July to decide if the Hague-based Permanent Court of Arbitration has jurisdiction to hear the South China Sea territorial dispute.

The hearing was instigated by the Philippines. A decision on whether the court has the authority to rule on the case is reportedly not expected until September.

Recently, China’s Foreign Affairs Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying has reiterated China’s rejection of the Philippines’ unilateral move.

Paola De Simone, an expert on International Law and graduate of the prestigious University of Buenos Aires, says China’s opposition and refusal to take part in the present arbitration is based on international law.

She said dialogue and consultation between countries must be the option.

Maria Soledad Martinozzi, an Argentine expert on international law says the taking a case to the Hague court can be very risky, in terms of the results it can generate and the global political issues that can come into play

Argentina’s former ambassador to Thailand, Felipe Frydman, says a negotiated solution seems to be “the only way” to ensure peace, security and mutual benefits for the parties involved.

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