Argentine sanctuary protects howler monkeys

With virtually no official support from the Argentinean government, a sanctuary rescues illegally trafficked endangered howler monkeys. For 20 years the Argentine Center for the Rescue, Rehabilitation and Conservation of Primates, founded by Maria Alejandra Juarez, rehabilitates recovered specimens of that species.

Located in La Cumbre, in the central province of Cordoba, some 800 kilometers from Buenos Aires, 360 hectares give around 160 primates a chance at survival. The howler monkey is the southernmost endemic monkey species in the world, but is very vulnerable, cannot survive in captivity and is difficult to maintain.

Maria Alejandra could not study veterinary science and biology. Instead, she began a career in history and anthropology. She dedicated her thesis to ‘The history of the zoo of Cordoba’, and became fascinated by the primates she now cares for. She began working with them 20 years ago, which is how this Center started.

(Soundbite, Spanish) Maria Alejandra Juarez, Argentine Primate Rescue Center
“We worked for 20 years with the howler monkeys. They are very important as an Argentinean primate but that unfortunately makes the most illegally traded animal in the country. They are caught to be illegally sold as pet monkeys “.

To solve the sanctuary, the Center relies on foreign volunteers and non-invasive visits by the public.

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