Argentinean artists perform Chinese period drama to promote culture, exchange

It looked weird that a bunch of Argentineans performed a Chinese period drama in Spanish.

For more if not less, the drama developed into a variety show, consisting of shadow play, martial arts, dragon fight and traditional ethnic dance.

(Soundbite) Juan Carlos Ramirez, Artistic Director
“We are trying to integrate everything (about China into the drama) to help disseminate Chinese art and culture in South America. This is the end and the aim.”

Behind the unthinkable versatility of these 23 actors was the troupe’s ardor and efforts to promote Chinese art and the cultural exchange between China and the continent.

“China, Myths and Legends” was presented on Oct. 6 in Buenos Aires, and won the hearts of hundreds of local audience, who lined up against the nightly chill to share the mystery of the eastern country.

The show was sponsored by Latin America’s Regional Center of Confucius Institutes, a semi-official organization devoted to overseas education of Chinese cultura and language.

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