Argentinean Break Club helps you vent anger, stress

Many of you may not like your boss, however, if you don’t like him, don’t punch his face. Comeand break a wine bottle or scrapa computer.

This is the service that the Break Club provides in Buenos Aires for all of you to address your violent impulses in an enclosed space with special protection to vent your anger and release your stress.

(Soundbite) Guido Dodero, Founder of The Break Club
“Basically, there are three rooms, the protection one, thencomes the break and the relaxation. From there the whole experience is built by choosing, target objects, bats, clothes, music and then decide what you are going to drink at the end.So, you can tell yourself, OK, that’s it. I am done. I close with a flourish the whole experience.”

Public safety concerns, working pressure and family problems have sent more and more people come to the club for the so-called indulgence, or relieve their anger since it was opened a few years ago.

A customer lets loose their pent-up aggression by destroying objectsin a safe mannerwearing ahelmet,a protectionsuit andwielding a baseball bat,all at the affordable price range of 10 to 55 U.S. dollars.

(Soundbite) Alvaro,Computer Technician
“It was actually a gift from my girlfriend, Natalia.She bought me the service. Surely you see me cursing a lot about computers, because I’m a PC repairman.So I come here to do the thing I never did.”

After the anger has been vented, a relaxation areahas been prepared for the breakers to have tea or water, lie on the couch, listen to the music and maybe get their breath back before leaving.

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