Argentinean wine maker aims booming market of China

Trapiche, the leading winery of Argentina, is looking to export more of its top-quality products to China, a burgeoning market where the wine consumption will grow from 40 to 60 percent between 2011 and 2018.

(Soundbite) Gaston Re, Sommelier and PR Director of Trapiche
“Trapiche produces 25 million liters per year. And here we produce only 5 million liters which represent the high range. We are, even now, beginning to export these premium wines to China and Asia.”

The company has decided to open an office in Shanghai, 17,000 kilometers from Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires. As part of its strategy, a greater appreciation for wine, or “wine culture,” will be promoted to drive higher sales.

Re underscored the role of sommelier in promoting knowledge about wines and fomenting a wine culture.

(Soundbite) Gaston Re, Sommelier and PR Director of Trapiche
“In Argentina, the figure of the sommelier emerged 15 or 20 years ago, along with the boom in viticulture and the export of wines abroad. In China, as one of the leading producers of grapes, the same thing should happen. A sommelier school in China would be fantastic.”

Last year, the Trapiche Winery, located in Argentina’s western Mendoza wine region, exported 12 million liters to the world. Only a small portion of that reached China.
Argentina is the world’s fifth-largest producer of wine, but only represents a scant 1.01 percent of China’s wine imports, which have seen explosive growth of at least 400 percent in the past five years.

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