Argentinean winemaker tries to decipher Chinese tastes

A recent visit to China has helped Argentinean winemaker German Di Cesare gain confidence about how to best serve the Asian consumers’ appetite and taste.
While travelling around China to promote Argentinean wine, Di Cesare realized that it was very necessary to decipher the Chinese tastes for wine and help the consumers know more about the culture.
(Soundbite) German Di Cesare, Winemaker of Bodega Trivento
“China will one day become the No. 1 market in terms of wine consumption. I think we should continue working in wine culture education especially, and try to capture the taste of the Chinese consumers gradually.”
Seminar training and work experience in Chinese restaurants and hotels told Di Cesare that wine users there preferred sweeter types of wine and French products had been very well received due to their localized formulas.

Back home, he told his boss that China was a market worth exploring but they had to compete with the French wineries, which have been present in the Asian country for longer.
(Soundbite) Daniela Hernandez, Asian Coordinator of Bodega Trivento
“Well, for us the Chinese market is very important. We think it has an incredible potential. We truly believe that the Chinese market will grow into one of our most important markets in the world.”
Bodega Trivento, the top brand in Argentina where Di Cesare has worked for 13 years, started to export to China in 2005 and registered a rapid growth in the past five years.
The top-end winery was founded in Mendoza in 1996, with the investment of Chilean group Concha y Toro.
Argentina is the fifth largest wine producer in the world but only makes up 1.01 percent of the total volume of China’s wine imports.

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