Argentinean winery woos Chinese drinkers with Asian aesthetics

Argentina’s Tierras Altas Winery of the Vargas Arizu family in the wine-making region of west Mendoza province has been trying to cater to the Chinese tastes with tailored design, color, texture, typography and other details.

(Soundbite) Juan Pablo Rodriguez Reta, Export Manager of Tierras Altas
“We’ve had good results with our exports and now we are preparing a new shipment for the Chinese market, which basically wants Malbec.”
An innovative bottle features a design borrowed from high-end Californian wines of the United States, which is sealed with synthetic sealing wax by hand.
This makes much difference from the standard foil or PVC caps of most bottles.
(Soundbite) Juan Pablo Rodriguez Reta, Export Manager of Tierras Altas
“We have developed a special packaging to meet the demands of the Chinese market.”
China’s booming wine market has Argentinean wineries scramble to attract its consumers by adopting a more Asian sense of aesthetics.
Tierras Altas is striving to catch up, too. It has repeatedly consulted the Chinese importers and distributors about how to adapt its packaging and production in order to make the wine both visually attractive and pleasing to the palate of the Chinese drinkers.
Established in 2001, the winery produces 300,000 liters a year of the Malbec varietal that Argentina is famous for, and began exporting to China in 2012.
The Chinese market emerges as a pleasant surprise to Tierras Altas, whose current destinations in China are Shanghai and Shenzhen and will expand to other cities soon.

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