Argentineans grow nostalgia in vintage cars

This was not a shooting location for any period drama, but the annual party for local residents of Buenos Aires on Oct. 11 to immerse themselves in the prime time of the Middle Ages in remembrance of the then culture and culinary.

(Soundbite) Sophia Wages, Sword Fight Performer
“You like to put into practice what you are interested in. You play against armor, weight, shortness of breath and lack of vision. You play against these all. More of a challenge rather than your opponent is handling yourself well.”

Besides the dangerous moments, about 40,000 participants this year still had some light chance to share roasted pig.

And they could also bake some meat pies, certainly by themselves with wood and ancient kitchenware.

The Medieval Village had come to the capital city for the fourth time consecutively with the patronage of the Culture Ministry, and grown into a not-to-miss event for the locals to exhibit their memory and aesthetics for the past glory of eating, cladding, craft-making and even surviving.

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