Asean Now: Weekly Wrap Ep 42

Asean Now wraps up the latest news of the week in the region.

In Malaysia, an ostrich caused a stir when it bolted down one of Kuala Lumpur’s major highways. Eight out of 32 pilot whales have died after a mass beaching in Indonesia. Also in Indonesia, a raid at a food vendor’s stall during Ramadan has sparked an outcry from netizens. Abu Sayyaf has killed another hostage in Southern Philippines.Ten people were arrested over a brawl in Singapore’s Bugis Village. President­elect Rodrigo Duterte has instructed his Cabinet to use Toyota Avanzas instead of luxury cars. Myanmar officials plan to shut down a border town in Shan where exotic animal parts are sold. King Power, the sole duty­free operator in Thailand, buys a US$225 million stake in Thai AirAsia. Archaeologists in Cambodia claimed to have discovered hidden cities underground near Angkor Wat. A viral video shows hundreds of Laotians searching for pebbles believed to be gold dust at a construction site. PetroVietnam plans to begin its second phase of its oil and gas exploration project.

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