Asean Now: Weekly Wrap Ep 48

Asean Now wraps up the latest news of the week in the region.

In Malaysia, a 43-year-old moneylender was gunned down in broad daylight on Wednesday in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur. Nine Filipino nationals were sentenced to life in prison by the Malaysian High Court over an armed incursion in 2013 that left scores dead in Sabah. Philippines will host the next Miss Universe pageant. The National University of Singapore pledged on Tuesday to take strong disciplinary action against those responsible for inappropriate orientation activities. Indonesia’s government rejected appeals from the UN and the EU to halt the execution of 14 drug convicts including foreigners.
Southeast Asian nations avoided criticising China over its claims in the South China Sea. Former Khon Kaen MP Premsak Piayura is under fire for allegedly forcing a senior reporter to strip off his clothes for covering his reported wedding with a female minor. Leaders of Myanmar’s rebel forces held talks at Kachin on July 27 to prepare for a major peace conference with the government. Two Vietnamese girls who were switched at birth were finally returned to their biological parents after three years. In Cambodia, not all tobacco companies have included graphic warnings about the health effects of smoking on their cigarette packs, as required by the law.

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