#AskChina: Cracking down on hospital ticket scalpers

In January, a video of a young woman complaining about the high costs of appointment tickets at a Beijing hospital went viral online. She claimed that the ticket price had been manipulated by scalpers, who charged her 4,500 yuan (691 US dollars) for a ticket that the hospital usually prices at 300 yuan (46 US dollars).

The video clip resonated with young Chinese social media users, with many saying they too had encountered similar problems.

So what are the measures that the Chinese government is looking to adopt to address their concerns?

Speaking to CCTVNEWS, Feng Yong, Deputy Director-General of the National Health and Family Planning Commission’s (NHFPC) Department of International Cooperation, said that the implementation of the real-name registration system in hospitals is a key to solving this problem. In the meantime, the commission also plans to enhance medical services and resources at smaller hospitals and clinics, so as to reduce the pressure that larger hospitals face. #AskChina #2sessions #NPC #CPPCC

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